Just before Christmas, the new cycling and pedestrian bridge at Powick Hams opened, but without much fanfare. Perhaps because, although it is a good piece of engineering by itself, it doesn’t then have much of a link on beyond Powick. And the immediate route into Worcester over the old Powick bridge is prone to flooding several times a year – see this thread on Twitter.

Some Powick residents turned out, along with a number of cyclists who had managed to hear about the opening in time to drop other plans for the morning of Friday 18th December. And risk getting wet, as the author (below) did on his way back to Malvern (via Jennet Tree Lane – not a good time to check out proposals for the cycle route along the A449!).

On the bridge for the first time. Photo courtesy of Councillor Louis Stephen

We look forward to positive action in 2021 on a safe Malvern to Worcester route suitable for cyclists of all types and abilities, now that its destination is in sight! It may require some lobbying first, at the county elections in May if necessary. Further support welcome.

New Powick cycle/pedestrian bridge gives a solid target for #malvern2worcestercycle route. Click To Tweet

Note: for more on the current state of play on the route see our dedicated web page. Do add your thoughts or comments. And use hashtag #malvern2worcestercycle!

One thought on “A bridge to aim for

  1. The new Hams bridge by itself does not connect many people but I, along with most of the cycling community, probably welcome this as a good starting point for an eventual proper cycling route between Worcester and Malvern. We all need to keep up the pressure for sure. Cllr Louis Stephen

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