Cycle Malvern relaunched in October 2020, largely working through online channels at the moment due to the current health restrictions. See in particular this website and our Facebook group, where anyone interested can join in with discussions and activities. There’s also a Twitter account. Relevant news and information on developments should appear across these media – the web pages are updated and improved frequently, including a news section.

Cycle Malvern intends to be part of further efforts to move cycling forward in the Malvern area of Worcestershire. It is an informal group operating under the umbrella of Transition Malvern Hills, which takes action to tackle the climate crisis and other environmental issues.


The original Cycle Malvern group operated 2007 to 2010, with its first meeting October 2007. It organised short social cycle rides, also promoting cycling and improved facilities in the area. This website has existed since then and was completely revamped in 2020, facilitating the group relaunch. The site is managed by John Howes.


Use this form to get in touch about the site, to make suggestions on improving and increasing cycle use in Malvern, etc. We will only use your email address to reply, where appropriate.