Bike racks offer for Worcestershire

Good news – Worcestershire County Council has just introduced “a new cycle parking scheme for the county that lets organisations apply for free cycle stands” (from their Tweet, 30th October).

This is being delivered via, whose website says:

Voluntary sector groups, businesses, shops, offices, cafés, pubs, churches, dental practices and surgeries can get free cycle parking! Various designs of cycle stand are available.

The bike stands are free of charge, but you are responsible for installing them, on your own property (we provide full instructions) in a location that ParkThatBike has approved.

From ParkThatBike blurb
One type of stand available, PlantLock, as shown on their website.

For Worcestershire organisations, the choice of cycle parking items available is:

  • Up to 4 Sheffield stands (inverted elongated U shape)
  • Up to 4 wall-mounted rails
  • Up to 2 Heart stands
  • Up to 2 PlantLock stands
  • Up to 2 CaMden stands (M shaped)
  • 1 three-hoop toast-rack

Go to the ParkThatBike website to see what these look like, including installed examples in the gallery, and how to apply. Also see our blog article ‘Why more bike racks for Malvern’.

UPDATE: Worcestershire funding has now ended for this scheme. We have only discovered 3 sets of stands in the wider Malvern area which came from it, marked PTB on our cycle parking listing page. Do please let us know of any more.

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