For those who don’t use Facebook, here’s news of a new cycle training business in Malvern.

The person behind RPJ Cycle Training has been a cycling tutor for local authorities for many years. Rachel’s Facebook page says “Tailored cycle training for all ages and abilities giving you the skills to ride safely and confidently for fun, health or simply getting around.” For groups or individuals – go to RPJ Cycle Training website for more.

Bike skills for adults is one of the topics that have come up on the Cycle Malvern Facebook group page. Kids on-road confidence too. For the youngsters, Bikeability “is today’s cycle training programme”, with three levels, according to Worcestershire County Council. Check out the info on their website – we would be interested in hearing about availability and experiences locally.

Of course, upping your own confidence and ability doesn’t reduce the need for local councils to consider seriously how they can improve the safety of all cyclists, on the road and through dedicated facilities for bikes.

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