Some positive news to report from the last few months or so.

Revamped shared path

Although there was an existing cycle/foot path alongside the busy Temeside Way, from Powick to Ketch roundabouts, as part of the dualling of the road it has been completely rebuilt to a higher standard. Unlike the previous opening for the Ham Way bridge at the Powick end, this time the county council and contractors liaised with Bike Worcester to mark the completion at the beginning of August.

Just before the official opening. Path to right goes under Carrington Bridge, straight on joins the cycle/foot path over it and along Temeside Way.

There was a minimal presence from Malvern * – it was a weekday event at short notice – but this is a useful facility for some, and would be for many more when/if there is a decent cycle route to Ham Way bridge/Worcester from Malvern.

* Local councillor Natalie McVey was due to attend but suffered the loss of her bike overnight – it was later recovered, damaged.

Cycle racks around town

The Town Council has been working on adding more bike racks around Malvern. The process took some time, especially as in most instances the county council needed to be persuaded too.

This set in Barnards Green was the first to be installed. There were proposals for other spots closer to the shops, but this is the one which made it over all the obstacles. Near the bus shelter on the roundabout, and rather close to a holly bush.

The next pair is outside Hollands Opticians in Great Malvern, useful for appointments there, the hairdressers or shops and cafes along Church Street perhaps.

The latest, installed late July 2022, is in the Link shopping area, just off the main drag in Hampden Road.

A lonely looking single ‘Sheffield’ rack. When ideas for locations were first discussed there was still a phone box at this spot, much reducing the effective space, as can be seen in the Google Street View image below (dated 2009).

Image from Google StreetView.

A pity that the opportunity to double up here wasn’t spotted in time, but it all helps increase the possibilities and profile of local everyday cycling.


Worth noting that, at the top end of town, Faun deli/cafe has added metal rings to its tall planters for use by customers, after looking at standard bike rack options.

Cycle Malvern’s cycle parking page has been updated with all the above info. Have we missed any other new bike parking places around the area? Or do you have comments or suggestions? Let us know using the comments box or contact form.

Do please make use of these new racks and let others know that they are there!

County and national news

Over at Worcestershire County Council, the councillor with the Highways and Transport brief within the Cabinet has recently changed to Mike Rouse. He has been much more encouraging on active travel (which includes walking as well as cycling) and has been communicating with the ‘cycle lobby’ in Worcester. Council staff are also more willing to engage, and we hope to be included in that conversation in due course.

This is most welcome, but there would appear to be a way to go before the new Active Travel England body set up by the government is convinced of the county’s achievements and intentions around active travel. ATE is only just getting fully up and running, recently asking transport authorities such as WCC to do a self-assessment. The county rated itself at level 1 on a scale from 0 to 4. However this was downgraded by ATE, which would mean that it is less likely to send limited funding in this direction.

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